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TextArea with wildcard Array



I am currently working on a project to imitate a level display for an elevator. Using TouchGFX, i have 10 buttons with values 1-10 and once a button has been pressed it will add said value to a textbox with a wildcard on the screen. once that is filled the next button to be pressed will add a value to the following textbox.

is there anyway of adding these TextAreaWithOneWildcard to an array or vector that ill allow me to cycle through each text area when printing each value to the screen.

This is what i am thinking of doing for the printing section, where selections[] would be an array or vector that would hold the references to the text area such that as "i" increases, the program will print a desired value to correct text area.


for (int i=0; i < 6; i++)


Unicode::snprintf(selections[i]Buffer, selections[i]_SIZE, "%s", floor[i];