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STM32F769I Discovery Board (output switch between HDMI and LCD)


Hello, I am in the need to design a custom board based on STM32F69I Discovery.

The main need is to be able to plug an external HDMI display using the DMI adapter for this board, and have the attached display get the output. When the external HDMI is not present, the LCD display in the board remains functioning.

Is there a sample than can handle this scenario, of where could I look for a solution.


Gustavo Galan

Senior III

Wrong sub-forum to ask for this.
The question is much more hardware related and have nothing to do with tGFX, sorry.
I'm only posting to let you know that you will most likely not get any specific help on the topic here.

However, I would think that in order for you to get this to work you would need a way to determine which hardware was present and have both configurations set up in the code. Most likely using the onboard display as the primary configuration and then, upon detecting a valid HDMI link, reconfiguring the interface setup. Likewise, for reverting, reconfigure the interface for the onboard display