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Screen freezes when using both SDRAM and touchgfx enabled.

Associate II

Hi all,

I am using STM32H7B3I-DK board with touchgfx and freeRTOS enabled for display.

I require large buffer size approximate to 774Kbytes or 0.74MB  for data processing . Internal RAM indicates fully used.

Hence I have enabled SDRAM for storing and processing data. SDRAM works fine, but display freezes after few seconds of execution , then after using reset button on board again display starts and freezes after few minutes.

The duration of working  is not consistent but the duration does not exceed 3 minutes.

IF SDRAM is disabled , everything touchgfx ,display all works fine , but memory is highly required . 

There are two concepts which I have analyzed and have doubts on it

1) if SDRAM is enabled , may be task execution time is more comparatively  , how to increase the task delay if so ? 

2)  I have read the touchgfx documentation from their website which says touchgfx uses internal RAM for storage , hence have question that if touchgfx used SDRAM  aslo?

Please kindly provide your support and guide me to resolve the issue ,I am going to almost cross the deadline and no where near the solution .

Thank you.


Your issue is as debuged in func BSP_TS_Getstate, then dont waste time with RAM , this is only side effect.

Associate II

Hello @MM..1 

Can you please elaborate ?

what is side effect of what ?

Thank you. 

What you need elaborate , if your code breaks here 


error is returned ,then check why .