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No such file or directory ERRORS

Associate II

I created an empty project with TouchGFX. immediately after, when I activate and compile Ethernet and LIWIP modules via the CUBE IDE, I get the following error: Description
fatal error: lwip.h: No such file or directory main.c/stm32h745i_disco_CM7/Application/User/Core line 23 C/C++ Problem.


When I create a project with Freertos without TouchGFX and activate and compile Ethernet and LIWIP modules in the same way, it adds all the paths to the project.

Ekran Görüntüsü (20).png

 TouchGFX version: 4.21.3

   CUBEIDE versiyon:  1.13.2

I uninstalled and reinstalled the CUBE I DEVE Touch FX compilers, made all the updates. but I'm having problems when I create the project with TouchGFX before.

ST Employee

Hello @fog.1 


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I have escalated the matter to the relevant team for prompt resolution.


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Associate II

i tried to manually add non-existent paths related to the problem I mentioned, but I got meaningless compilation results that continued with different errors.