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Interfacing 10.1�? touch screen with NUCLEO-F767ZI

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i am looking to integrate a 10.1�? touch screen into a project and I have never worked with high resolution screens or with touch before. I’m not looking for code examples as I can figure that part out. I’m looking to find a screen that I can easily integrate and use TouchGFX for some GUI design. I’m not really able to find anything definitive as far as documentation.

I figure I could just use a serial interface and a off board controller but since this MCU has a TFT LCD controller on board I was looking at LVDS. Something like this.

which has both RGB and LVDS.

If this is the correct display to be using with this board, then how would I bring the 40 pin LVSD into the Nucleo board?

I saw something from Adafruit that. Had a 40 pin breakout with backlight driver but I don’t know if the pin out will match the ribbon as it looks to be more of a RGB than LVDS which I think I should use.

The project will need some decent refresh but I’m not trying to play movies or anything so whatever works well with TouchGFX will be great.

many help finding the right display and hardware needed to connect to the Nucleo board would be greatly appreciated. I do plan on developing the project into a standalone board so everything will be integrated at some point.

Appreciate the help

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Anyone happen to have any information?

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Anyone with experience with this Nucleo board and touch screens? Any finger in the right direction would be awesome.

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Is this not the right place to be asking these types of questions?

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Also my question????


Shame there's no definitive answers for this question.

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Amazing that nobody posts their successes on the STM32 forum with regard to 3rd party TFT displays.

I have been busting my guts trying to learning how to get the HOTMCU HY101CTP and their stm32f429ig board going.

Hotmcu obviously are very little (no) help and I am really surprised that nobody in the whole STM32 universe has even attempted.

The problem is not everyone on a mega tight budget can afford an $AUD $1000.00 supported 10" CTP TouchGFX board.

Anyhow just my 10 cents worth.