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How to change Chineess front in STM32F103

Md Mubdiul Hasan
Associate III

Hi there,

I am handling a project which has display application both for English and Korean front.

I can made some Chineess front/ charecter using Note pad pixel and a software named KSX1001.

May be ASCI II can be generate b16*16 PIXEL image file.

Now its difficuilt to implement those charecter in my front.h file.

For korean laguage its written in the code like,

void TextOut_ASC_II_16(int x, int y, char ch, BOOL bInvert);
void TextOut_Han(int x, int y, char *ch, BOOL bInvert);
void TextOut_ASC_II_8(int x, int y, char ch, BOOL bInvert);
void TextOut_5_4(int x, int y, char ch);
int TextOut(int x, int y, char *pString, BOOL bInvert);
int TextOut8(int x, int y, char *pString, BOOL bInvert);
int TextOut5(int x, int y, char *pString);
int DrawText(int x, int y, BOOL bInvert, const char *pcString, ...);
int DrawText8(int x, int y, BOOL bInvert, const char *pcString, ...);
int DrawText8_Right(int x, int y, BOOL bInvert, const char *pcString, ...);
void DrawSmallDigit(int x, int y, const char *pcString, ...);
void UpdateLCD(void);
void DrawXLine(int x, int y, int cx);
void DrawYLine(int x, int y, int cy);
void FillRect(BYTE Left, BYTE Top, BYTE Cx, BYTE Cy);
void DrawBox(int x, int y, int cx, int cy);

In my front.c its written like

const unsigned char IMAGE_8_16[1][16] ( with a row of data)

const unsigned char IMAGE_16_16[COUNT_OF_16_IMAGE][32] ( with a data matrix),,,etc

For korean letter and numbers some charecter with table has been called.

Any idea how to make them ? Is there any global file for it?

ST Employee

It looks like you need a converter to convert the fonts (usually vector fonts) into hex codes, which you then convert into a structure.

There are various projects on the internet that have created tools for this, usually closed source, but a few of them free of charge, e.g. TFT Font Factory.

Hope this helps a little?

Good luck!



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Thank you sir Peter after a long time.

I can convert them, I have one tool.BMP to front.

But, confused about fully change the front.c file.

Its whole about english and Korean. If I do for cheness then all looks messy.