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Hi, I need a sample code for displaying the jpg image on LCD 340x270. mainly in my application i wanted to compress the jpg image and de-compress while displaying on screen. can anyone help in this?

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You will find a middleware called LibJPEG in the repositories of almost all STM32 families, that can be used to compress and decompress JPG data.

There are also examples for all DISCOVERY/EVAL boards to use this LibJPEG.

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What STM32 part/board, there are hundreds at this point.

Examples of screen and BMP unpacking have been covered in the forum before, although you might have to dig.

Some STM32 have hardware JPEG support. Many have example code pulling JPEG of SD cards and displaying on the board's native display (DISCO, EVAL series boards). Look under the CubeFx/Lx/Hx code trees.

Generally not a lot of support for random third party boards, you'll need to find close equivalents and do the porting work yourself.

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Thank you for your response.

Actually i am working on stm32h7b3i-dk board. Here i wanted to display the Jpg image on the screen. For that, i have converted jpg image to BMP file by touchgfx tool. Now i wanted to convert this BMP to RLE format and decompress it.

Can you please share me the sample code for this requirement.