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External vs. internal flash memory for touchGFX assets

Senior III

When developing touchGFX applications you tend to get a pretty high memory need.

I'm working with the CubeIDE integration of TouchGFX and tried to add a third screen (with a third background image). I got an error saying that the application would not fit in my FLASH.

After a bit of digging it seems that the linker files don't mention the QSPI at all.

I can add that to the linker files but I would like to know if there is an official way of doing this?

I found some documentation on this but I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about it.

What goes where in the memory and how do I control it? if at all?



did you follow the video guide?

you should add the QSPI memory area to your linker script and configure the QSPI using the CUBE view - be aware that the default settings does not work - you need to adjust the timings for your specific chip.

if you are on the disco board you can just copy all the settings from a default tGFX demo but if you have made your own board you will need to find the timings in the appropriate datasheet.

Furthermore you need to include the memory mapped read/write functions - I took them from the discovery board codebase.

It should be in the video almost all of it.