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Display elements jumbled after adding animated image

Associate II

I'm trying to use 7 inch TFT display with STM32F750-DK discovery baord. I have replaced inbult 4.3 display by disoldering and soldering new display. I'm using application template from TouchDesigner designed for 4.3 display. I have done the necessory LTDC configurations from CubeMX by follwing this forum answer and the display datasheet.

Also change the start address 2 to match with 24*480*800 bits under "Display" configurations in "Touchgfx Mode and Configration" in CubeMX. Finally abled to display some static screen like in the 1st image bellow sucessfully.

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bhhw2QAA.pngBut the problem is when I inserted a animated imaged display got jumbled and going crazy like in the 2nd image bellow. I just add one animated image to the sceen in my 1st image.

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bhhwbQAA.pngWhat could be the reason for this wired beharvour only happens with animations. This animation woking in simulator without any issue

P.S. I'm facing some wired display item misplacement when transistion between 2 static screens as well. Seems like issues come wehne something change in the display

Thank you

Chief II

Configure board for big resolution displays isnt so simple.

If you use project for 480x272 and change to 800 , you need many changes. Better is start new project for your config from IDE. But ok you dont show an setup here, then only some tips.

Change start address2 is better set to next sdram page start ... And config by address

Dot clock need change to x3 or x4 (LTDC clock)

Interrupts and priority for RTOS...

What version TGFX ?

Hi, thank you very much for the reply

Setup I have followed

  1. Generate project for STM32F750-DK with 4.3 '' 480x272 display
  2. Change LTDC and TouchGFX Generator parameters from CubeMX by following the datasheet and the guide mentioned above
  3. Changed the 2nd frame buffer address by adding  24*480*800/8 to 1st frame buffer address. I haven't change 1st frame buffer address of generated project. so I will try your suggestion ,"address2 is better set to next sdram page start "

  • Already increased the LTDC clock to 40MHz prevousely it was 10MHz
  • Interrupts and Priority I haven't changed, same as in generated project.
  • TouchGFX version 4.21.3

Thank you

Try 30MHz

Checked with 30MHz but no luck. Also tried setting frame buffer address to 0xC0400000. But not sure about the page start. What I did was adding Bank size (4MB) address space to the start address. Unfortunatly unable to find how pages are organised in the memeory. But I think adding 1 bank slot should be start with a new page.

Associate II

Found another thread he also haveing that same issue.

Seems like there is a issue with the STM32F7508-DK devlopment board.

Also able to drive a 800x480 display using STM32H750B-DK board by just doing paramter changes in LTDC parameters in CubeMX without modifying the code manually.