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Concerns Regarding Issues with STM32F750DK and TouchGFX Software

Associate III

Dear [STM Support Team],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention some challenges I have encountered while using the STM32F750DK in conjunction with the TouchGFX software. I believe it is crucial to address these issues to enhance the user experience and ensure the optimal performance of your products.

Pin Assignment Problems:
One of the primary challenges I have faced is related to pin assignments, particularly with FMC pins. When incorrect pins are assigned, it leads to various complications. For instance, using Arduino UART pins as output pins causes unforeseen issues. I suggest providing clearer documentation or warnings to help users avoid such pitfalls during the initial setup.

Post-Project Generation Scripting Issues:
After generating the project using CubeMX, the resulting scripting often appears unclear and displays unexpected behavior. This can be confusing for users, especially those less experienced with the platform. Streamlining the scripting process or providing additional guidance in this regard would be greatly beneficial.

TouchGFX PC Application Compatibility:
Another concern is the variability in the functionality of the TouchGFX PC application across different computers. While it works seamlessly on some PCs, it fails to function on others. Understanding the root cause of this inconsistency and providing guidance or updates to address compatibility issues would be appreciated.

Defective Product Promotion:
I have observed instances where the TouchGFX software is being promoted despite these issues. This could potentially mislead users and result in frustration. I recommend reassessing the promotion strategy and addressing the identified concerns before actively promoting the product to prevent user dissatisfaction.

I understand that developing and maintaining software and hardware is a complex task, and I appreciate the effort that goes into it. However, addressing these issues will undoubtedly enhance the usability and reliability of your products, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your attention to these matters. Thank you for your time and commitment to improving the user experience with STM32F750DK and TouchGFX.

Thank you,


Hello @SMazu.3 ,

Thank you so much for your time and feedback. 

Considering the issues you pointed out, I have some questions:

1) Could you please specify what problem you faced because of the FMC pins assignments? We have a document regarding the Arduino UART pins ( available here ), however, we can improve it way more as you mentioned.

2) Could you please clarify about the Post-Project scripting? Do you mean there are difficulties developing a GUI by TouchGFX? Or do you mean the generated code from STM32CubeMX is hard to understand?

3) About TouchGFX running on different PCs, what has been the main issue? Does it mean the TouchGFX Designer does not run? Does it face an error? Or does it have issues with compiling and something related to GUI development?

We will try our best to provide a suitable and easy-to-use solution for our customers and users regarding their GUI development, so we care about your opinion and feedback.

Thank you. 

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX