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STM32H745 replacement issue


I use STM32H755ZI to configure the product, but the market is out of stock, can I use STM32H745/STM32H757/STM32H747 instead?

Assuming I'm not using CryptoHash/SFI/SBSFU and MIPI-DSI

Is LQFP144 pin to pin?


Doesn't CubeMX have a "Will-it-Blend" function?

The STM32H745 / H755 will fit. The H743/H753 will also work with a single M7 core, as will the H750

Pretty sure the DSI pins will get in the way. The DataSheets have a pin list, do the due diligence and walk it.

The free stock issue is one of demand vs production capacity. Ladder orders

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ST Employee

Hello @Gorden1970​  and welcome to the STM32 Community 😊,

Yes, STM32H745 and STM32H755 have the same pinout in their LQFP144 package.

As already mentioned by @Community member​, also you should compare the STM32H755 and STM32H745 datasheets to make sure that there are no functional differences.

The LQFP144 package is not available for STM32H747 and STM32H757 MCUs.

I hope this help you!


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