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Inquiry on Installing Secure Manager and Application via UART for Mass Production for STM32H573

Associate III

Hello Team,

As we approach the final stages of our project, we're exploring options for deploying the Secure Manager and Application efficiently. We're particularly interested in whether it's feasible to install these components via UART or alternative methods suitable for mass production environments.

Understanding the process and requirements for such installations would greatly assist us in completing our project successfully.

Could you kindly provide guidance on the procedures involved, any prerequisites, and potential challenges we might encounter?

Your expertise and insights on this matter would be invaluable to us.
Thank you for considering our request.

Best regards,


Chloe Meunier
ST Employee


Here is the wiki articles links about Secure Manager on STM32H573 :

Using STM32CubeMX : Security:How to start with STM32CubeMX Secure Manager on STM32H57 - stm32mcu

Category:How to start with Secure Manager on STM32H5 - stm32mcu

These articles might help you to start working with Secure manager.


Best Regards



@Chloe Meunier 
Kindly recheck my issue. I need USB protocol to load application. Am able to load application with SWD.But i need USB interface to load application after installing secure manager.


Best Regards