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How can I know which key shall I use in pair with DHUK to encrypt my software in flash of STM32U5?

Associate III

As I understand OTFDEC will be used to on-fly decryption, while execution (am I correct)?

After debug is fused (RDP set to level 2) all DHUK keys are individual for each device, while during debug phase all keys are common. How can I make test run of the software in production environment with production keys?

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Hello @VTver.1​ ,

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In fact, the embedded OTFDEC decrypts in real-time the encrypted content.

Actually, DHUK has its production value when RDP>0. So, I believe you can run test in RDP1 if you need production keys. The SAES peripheral can wrap (encrypt) and unwrap (decrypt) application keys using these hardware-secret keys DHUK, XOR-ed or not with the application key BHK. You 'll find more details here.

Note that the SAES IP will behave exactly the same whatever the RDP level.

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