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Which is reliable CAN transceiver for STM32F072RBT6.?

Associate II

I am new in CAN implementation...I want to design a CAN node using STM32F072RBT6...

And am planning to use MCP2551 CAN transceiver interface with STM32F072RB with CAN Rx/Tx line...

Will it work proper???

STM32F072RB - works on 3.3Vdc

MCP2551 - works on 5Vdc.

Please suggest me the best part suited in this scenario.


In general, any transceiver that you find from a reputable company will work just fine.

In that particular case, the chip is no longer recommended for new designs, which means it's at the end of its lifecycle and you may have issues procuring it in the future.

You can also find transceivers that operate directly from 3.3V, if getting 5V is an issue:,supply%20on%20the%20same%20bus.&text=When%20a%20transmitter%20powered%20by,mode%20voltage%20toward%201.95V.

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I use this series of of transceiver in my new design, works flawless.

I can't remember which feature it lacks compared to those mcp transceivers which operates at 5v, so you should study the datasheets if it's important to you.

At first I used mcp2651(?)(there is a model with I/O supply voltage pin to use with lower than 5v micros), but the extra cost and complexity of laying out 5v side on pcb made me switch to ​those ti tranceivers operating at 3.3v.