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What lead times and deliveries are you seeing?

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Sorry to bring up the elephant in the room. I just reviewed the ST Q1 quarterly results from April and was astonished to not find anything related to lead times, shortages, or allocations.

My company is in the Musical Instrument space. We work with a large factory in China. We have orders on the books from May 2021 through Arrow HK for the STMH743, 745 and 750. We haven't received any of these parts. In addition we have no information about when they will be available. We don't even have any information about why there is a delay.

We have been able to acquire a limited number of H750s through a broker at a significant markup.

I know we are not the only people seeing this issue. I have spoken with many others with similar stories. I would love to hear your story as well:

  • Have you received any parts in the past year?
  • What lead times are you experiencing?
  • Is there any official news source from ST you are following?

Thank you for your support.


Yes, received parts this year.

I've heard 54-80 week numbers, and deliveries pushing out.

Old, entrenched parts are going have the worst numbers, the die are big, so the yield per wafer is unhelpful, and I don't see them doing a die shrink.

They are buying additional masksets so they can produce in more fabs.

The Crolles extension is supposed to be spinning up, and I expect the promised capital expenditure in Europe is presumably being accelerated.

It would be nice to crowd-source a "Now Serving" resource, by part/family. If people want to PM me anonymized delivery quote for different parts/families I'll model those.


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Our company salvaged their shareholders and reassured them by having their risk management/contingency sorted by dumping ST all together. Signed with GD32 for all high volume production line products.

The information coming from ST about the situation is incoherent regardless where you get it from. Read severe impediment to carrying business with, if not impossible. Okay'ish for hobbyists I'd say.

Well it's the hobbyists who are most confused by no stock at retail distributors..

A year plus wait pretty much kills business opportunity.

You have some good contacts/support at GigaDevices, PM me with details.

Tips, Buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo
Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..

Im facing a similar issue here,

But im the firmware guy and now im in need to port some code from STM32f105 to GD32f105.

I was happy when i discovered STLINK +CUBEPROGRAMER works with GD mcus.

I flashed a programm i developed for stm32f105.

My hapiness dissapeared when Canbus was not working and i had no clue why.

I guess now i need to dive in poorly documented GD HAL and download their Keil plugin.

If anyone has any code portability matterial between ST and GD let me know.

we dont need to firmware by ourselves, lets talk
Associate II

Thanks all for the answers. We have looked at GigaDevice. They don't have the Cortex M7 we need. We checked notes with another company in our space and they are seeing 1-2 year deliveries on NXP processors. So we are certainly not alone.

We're worried about lead times with ST too. After seeing reports of "56 weeks" it's terrifying to consider ST chips at this time.

It seems ST really needs to just streamline their product offering. Its just too much. Does anyone really want a 784 mm2 LQFP these days?

First, the issues are for all semiconductor manufacturers, not just ST. Second, at this point most of STM32 parts have returned to the distributors and are normally available.