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What is the chain of functions from USART(6)RX interrupt to final ISR routine in STM32F746?


I need this often to check that interrupts are working. And if there is a "weak" function somewhere to raise a flag for the main.c


The processor calls the handler you specify in the vector table.

The HAL model is you then call an internal HAL function, with a peripheral handle and it then runs one of your call-backs as it feels necessary. You can over-load aspects there replacing the WEAKer stuff the HAL provides as a default.

Use static analysis tools, or a tool chain where you can right-click "where defined" to chase the HAL nonsense down the rabbit hole.

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I tried to follow the chain with Keil, but I seem to end up wandering in circles. I wonder is there any weak functions left, because I could not find any