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Use of SPI ADC (AD4131-8) on OctoSPI (in standard SPI Mode) on STM32U585

W. Alex


is it possible to use octoSPI interface in "normal" (3wire or 4wire) SPI Mode to control and read-out external SPI ADC like AD4131 on STM32U585?
I only found information, that memory devices can be used on octoSPI in standard SPI mode.
Is this a true information? Are ONLY memory devices supported?
Is there any AppNote with information about using or limitations OctoSPI in standard SPI mode?
In my application, I need an additional SPI interface. The only "free" SPI is one of the OctoSPI Interfaces.
All other Interfaces are "occupied" and moving functionality is not possible. Sharing standard SPI with other SPI devices is very difficult becaus of timing restrictions. So an additional SPI would be the solution.

ST Employee

Hello @W. Alex ,

The OCTOSPI interface supports the XSPI (JEDEC251ES) standard compliant feature.

If the ADC (AD4131-8) supports this standard, so, you can use this device on OctoSPI.

Note that, it is necessary to check the compatibility of the command between the OCTOSPI interface such as command order  (Instruction phase, Address phase, Alternate-byte phase, Dummy-cycle phase, Data phase) and the bytes number for each command.

For that I advise you to refer to RM0456 and precisely Octo-SPI interface (OCTOSPI) Section.

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