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USB DFU Bootloader issue while re-programming via UART in STM32G0B1RCT6 MCU



Recently we switched to STM32G0B1RCT6 MCU from STM32G071 MCU.

We have ported the project to the new MCU. But while doing reprogramming via UART from STM32 systembootloader we are always getting timeout error (Activating KO) in cube programmer.

We could reprogram older MCU via UART. after searching for a while, we found that the new MCU supports supports CAN FD and USB DFU on some of the existing pins.  In the PCB design these pins have been used for different purposes. So, we cannot modify hardware design.

We believe there is no problem with CAN FD pins. But we suspect the USB pins DFU mode. because when we pull down them or connect these pins to GND there is some response from MCU when we try to connect to it via UART with STM32 Cubeprogrammer.

So, Is there a way to avoid using other interfaces like USB-DFU or CAN FD etc. and only use UART for re-programming in STM32 system bootloader.

we really appreciate help here.



ST Employee

Hello @kumar_b 

Could you share your CubeProgrammer version used? share the error log? minimum of hardware and software setup would be helpful to reproduce.

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