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Upgrading OpenBootloader to v6.0.1 on a STM32G473CE for FDCAN usage


I am working on a project for a STM32G473CE, that is already working with the v1.0.0 of the OpenBootloader with FDCAN in order to flash the MCU.

I want to upgrade the OpenBL to the latest version (v6.0.1 : in order to use the Special Command with FDCAN that was introduced in v6.0.0.

The MCU G4 firmware package (, does not have the latest version of the OpenBootloader, so I tried to upgrade it manually by replacing the old files of the lib by the newest ones. In the "Interfaces" folder, the files in the "Template" folder are not implemented, so I used the files from the "Patterns" folder, but there is a lot of compatibility problems when doing that. It seems like the latest version of the OpenBootloader on github was built with specifics MCU (I found include for stm32g0xx and stm32u5xx in some files of the lib) and needs adjustment in order to make it properly working.

Is there a correct way to upgrade the OpenBootloader lib without struggling with compatibility problems ?

ST Employee

Hello @Antonin_Haulot-Logre and welcome to the Community 🙂

I escalated your request internally for analysis through Internal ticket number: 175741.

(PS: Ticket number 175741 is an internal tracking number and is not accessible or usable by customers).

Thank you for your contribution.

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