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Synchronization of timers in stm32f7

Associate II

Hi Sir / Madam,

I am trying to synchronize two timers or reduce delay between two timer outputs.

Yellow signal represents low frequency signal ( Timer 3 around 4Khz ) and blue signal represents high frequency signal ( Timer 1 around 1.5Mhz ). They are sourced from the different APB clock however, there is a delay of <100 nanoseconds. I need to overcome that delay.

I tried using Timer 5 instead of Timer 1, so that input source clock would be same. However, I saw similar issue at the outputs of timers.

Any other ideas, you could possibly think of ? Please find the screenshot below :

This delay is same at falling edge.


Is this some sort of limitation with current approach?




> I am trying to synchronize two timers



Hi JW,

I wouldn't use the term "sync" for this specific application. I just want that delay to be reduced to some extent. In some cases, the delay is more than 80 ns. This is some how affecting the performance.

I am just using two timers in PWM mode. They are driven by same APB clock source which is around 100 MHz. I do not have any specific mechanism here. However, I would still expect them to work as they are derived from same clock. I am trying another experiment to start these PWMs one after another. So that, I might be able to reduce this delay.

What are your thoughts about this?



Use the internal master-slave interconnection of timers to synchronize them. Read the TIM chapter in RM. Maybe the simplest guideline for synchronization of timers is here, but searching on this forum, within the examples in Cube etc. will certainly show other examples, too.