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Strange behavior of IDE SW4STM32 in Code Editing and Debugging


I am using SW4STM32 (an Eclipse Variant) to code and debug my firmware, which is based on sample codes in package STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.26.0.

I have observed two strange issue:


  1. IDE warns me that "Symbol '***' could not be resolved". However, it has no problem building the project.
  2. When I tried to do step-by-step debugging, the flow of steps is not as I expect them to be: it jumps. I do have a few callback functions, but the jumping does not happen between those callbacks; it happens in the initial stages of main.c before while loop, in which the callbacks are supposed to be called. During the init stage: a SPI with DMA, user button, LED, and USART with DMA are initiated and configured.

Anyone can shed some light?


The IDE has a different idea of the project than the compiler, although the goal is for them to be the same.

Right click project -> Index -> Rebuild.

Cleaning the project and rebuilding may also help.

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The editor migth no longer be cpmpatible....