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STM32U5G9-DK2 - Power the board using external 5V

Associate II

Hi, looking at the scheme it seems possible to power the board by providing an external 5V supply on the 5V Arduino PIN (CN5, pin 5, which is the output of the linear regulator feeded by V_IN), and removing all the jumpers on the CN1. Is it correct?


Moreover, I could put the the jumper on the USB position in order to power the USB port from the provided 5V.

Is it correct? 

Many Thanks

ST Employee

Hello @bluluiss ,


Please refer to the Discovery Kit with STM32U5G9ZJ MCU User Manual for more details:


Kind regards,

Associate II

Screenshot from 2024-05-07 10-04-02.png

Of course I already read the documentation before posting, and that information is not explicitly specified.

Anyway, I tried to power the board by using an external power supply powering the 5V pin on the Arduino Header, removing all the jumpers on J1, and the board is properly working. The board programming using the on-board STLink is also properly working.