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STM32U5A5: OCTOSPI and 1.08V GPIOs

Senior III

In datasheet for STM32U5Axx is mentioned:
a) "up to 14 I/Os with independent supply down to 1.08 V" - cool, great feature I need
b) OCTOSPIM: "efficient OCTOSPI pin assignment with a full I/O matrix (before alternate function map)"

What does it mean?

Could I route OCTOSPI signals to 1.08V GPIO? (which I would need)

When I check which of the GPIOs are 1.08V - I do not see a complete QOCTOSPI pin ALT setting possible on it.
But could I bring a Quad-SPI signal set out on the 1.08V GPIOs (setting it to 1.2V)?


> Could I route OCTOSPI signals to 1.08V GPIO?

In short, no.


Table 27 will list which pins the OCTOSPI is available on, and what type of pins those are. For instance, here are two of them:


They have pin type FT_fh, which is a generic 5V tolerant pin.


Pins which can go down to 1.08 V are supplied by VDDIO2 and have _s as their pin suffix type.


They are all on port G, so pin names PG2-PG15:



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