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STM32U575I-EV FileX writes seem slow

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The example project I'm basing most of my code off of is from the STM32CubeU5 MCU package  v1.4.0 (Projects\STM32U575I-EV\Applications\FileX\Fx_uSD_File_Edit). I'm looking to eventually apply this code to my primary project that saves JPEGs from a camera into the SD card. The plan is that each time a certain amount of JPEG data arrives (currently using an amount of 38,400 bytes), I call fx_file_write() to write the data into a file on the SD card. But the writes do not seem to be fast enough for my application (the 38KB of data arrives every 10ms, but each file open/write/close is taking between 30-60ms; I'm using LED toggles to determine these timing measurements). I'm opening this post to ask about ways to speed up the FileX write calls.

Associate III

(OP replying here) One thing I've considered is that the SD card itself does not support fast enough writes. But I've checked it and believe it should not be an issue (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Here are my SD card's features:

  • SanDisk Extreme Pro
  • 32GB SDHC
  • UHS speed class 3
  • Video speed class V30 (which claims min. write speed of 30MB/sec; I believe this is plenty for how much JPEG data I'm working with)
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Hi. Just checking to see if anyone has any updates about this.