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STM32U545RE SPI1 issue



I am using STM32U545RE (LQFP64 package) for my project as master controller. I have interfaced a slave ADC to the uC using SPI1 port. From datasheet, SPI1_SCK  can be either :PA1, PA5 or PB3.

While configuring PA1 as SPI1_SCK it was observed that the CLK did not get generated on the particular pin.

So it was changed to PB3 & PA5. With both these pins as SCK I was able to read the data(clock was generated) but the data is read only once after board reset.

But the same works with STM32L496RE uC, may I know what is the cause of this problem here.


On referring to the STM32U545xx Errata sheet, we got to know that the device that I use also has Z marking.

Is there a workaround available if the above problem is because of the untrimmed uC samples?  


Roshan Anand  

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Does the ADC need another GPIO pin to start the measurement? 


You've done a good job explaining the expected behavior and where it falls short, but without any code or schematic there's not much specific information to provide.

Perhaps your code initializes PA1 incorrectly.

Perhaps PA1 is hooked up to something else, or wired in a way other than what you expect.

data is read only once

Again, without code we can only guess. Probably your code has bugs. Examine peripheral registers for relevant error flags. Verify expected return codes to HAL functions.

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