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STM32L433 goes to hardfault after certen time lapse

Associate II

Hello everyone,

I am using STM32L433 with external crystal 12MHz. SYSCLK is 72MHz. i am using three usarts (1,2and 3).

but after certain time period of execution lapse. STM32L433 goes to hardfault handler and executiion stucks,

After debug found that it stucks at HAL_Delay() function


Karl Yamashita
Lead II

Show your relevant code so we can pin point your issue. 

Principal III

Check the STM32CubeIE Fault Analyzer output.

i have checked Fault Analyzer output i have attached fault analyzer log. Every time code is getting stuck in HAL_Delay() function.

That is why i asked you to post your code. I bet you are calling HAL_Delay() from inside an interrupt.

Associate II

Hi Karl,

Please find attached my code. 

I see you commented out the HAL_Delay in this delay function. Is it still hard faulting?

void delay(int dly)
//	for(int d =0;d<dly;d++)
//	{
//		HAL_Delay(1);
//	}
	start_cnt = 1;
	cnt = 0;
	while(cnt < (dly / 8))



You've mentioned after certain time period of execution lapse so it can't be the other HAL_Delay before the main while loop. I assume you're getting your LED's to toggle?

So the "delay" function is the only place that calls HAL_Delay unless there is more somewhere else? You haven't shown all your functions so i don't know.




pc == 0 should not happen. Look for undefined (NULL) interrupt handlers or function pointers or stack overwrites. The lr register tells you the return address of  a function call, inpect that code and try setting a breakpoint shortly before taht address.