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STM32H750 issue switching system clock to PLL1


I'm trying to get the STM32H750 discovery board running at 400MHz with as little code as possible. (plain C with ST's startup file, cherry-picking structs and defines from CMSIS)
As far as I can tell I do most of the things, ST's examples do before and in SystemClock_Config.
Using a debugger I checked the following registers just before switching the clock source to PLL1.


Register    | ST's example | difference?

	CR			0303 7025   . 
	CIER		 		0	.
	CFGR		 		0	.
	D1CFGR		       48	.
	D2CFGR		      440	.
	D3CFGR		       40	.
	PLLCKSELR	 202 0052	dont have DIVM2 AND DIVM3;
	PLLCFGR		 1ff 0009	dont have PLL2,3 cfg
	PLL1DIVR	 103 029f	.
	PLL1FRACR	 		0	.
	AHB2ENR				0	.	
	AHB3ENR				0	.
	AHB4ENR		        0 	.	
	APB4ENR		   1 0002	.
	SHCSR				0	.
	CCR		   	   7 0210	no caches
	CR3		     500 0042	.
	D3CR		     e000 	.
	CSR1		     e000	.
	CCCSR			    0	.
	ACR		           37   .


 After the switch my code gets stuck waiting for PLL1 in SWS.
Any ideas why the clock doesn't switch? Could the lack of PLL2,3 config be the reason?

Chief II

Why don't you use Cube / HAL, set clock tree and debug etc, generate code and then just look, how it's done. If you can do same better, then you still can try . But have a reference, how exactly your configuration can be initialized.

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