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STM32G071CB unable to connect via SWD

Associate III

Hi, I've been working with this device for a while.

Today I started to try to write the option bytes in order to turn PF2 into a GPIO, which I did by writing an assembly file, compiling, and flashing via debug in Keil. I use a Segger J-Link as USB SWD interface

At one point Keil informs that it can't perform mass erase (which have been doing for quite a while). I connect with Segger Flash, which informs there is a protection in place and asked to perform mass erase, which resulted in an error I can't recall.

After that, the device is not detected by Keil, it doesn't show up as a connected device as before and Segger Flash can't connect to it.

Anything I can try ?

What could have caused this ? I wonder if Segger could have tried a "manual mass erase" and set BOOT_LOCK. As I said, have been mass erasing with Keil for a long time while working on this project.


ST Employee

Hi @scaprile​ ,

Is it possible for you to check with STM32CubeProgrammer?


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Since that tool does not support the Segger J-Link, and I don't own an ST-Link, I can only try connecting via the bootloader on the UART, what I already tried with stm32loader (, to same result: no connection.