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STM32F469 discovery usb mass storage



sd card write on f469 discovery is working. and now referring to msc_standalone example (which works alone), usbd_storage_if.c file is matched and usb mass storage selected from MX tool.

But i cant see the drive coming. can i know steps have msc_standalone for MX generated code.


ST Employee

Hi @GauravK 

Could you share your project from github link or attach it to discussion? Did you succeed to enumerate it as mass storage device using this project?

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project is working. can see drive having sd card data.

My tried project is attached. would be helpful to know the mistake.


Hello, I got USB FS for MSC on board working for F439 Nucleo. Now try is for USB3300 HS with Waveshare board.

I configured through MX and updated usbd_storage_if similar to FS changes. But I dont see USB getting detected in Windows.

Is this driver issue or code issue? (Tried installing mentioned driver for USB3300).

VCP driver looks to be not for Windows 10. 

CDC_Control(), I could find as suggested in net..since I want USB MSC