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stm32f429Idiscovery demo touchscreen bug

Associate II
Posted on December 04, 2013 at 20:29


Today I bought one of  these new stm32f429 discovery boards :

For the moment I only launched the demo software, but it seems that the tuchscreen is abnormally inaccurate (less precise than the one of my colleage). For example in the calendar, when my pen is on the 22 of the month, the red square moves between the 18 ant the 21.

Has someone experienced the same problem ? 

Is there a way to callibrate the touchscreen ?

Some pins were creased when I got the board, could a shock during transport have killed  the touchscrean ? (In this case I will try to exchange the board)

#stm32f4 #discovery #stm32f429
Posted on December 06, 2013 at 03:13

The adjustment can be made in software by scaling based on knowing 5 points. The four corners and centre.

One might want to look in


At routines IOE_TP_Read_X(), IOE_TP_Read_Y(), and IOE_TP_Read_Z()

The screen tends to separate from the board as the cable is trapped underneath, and springs upward, the metal casing has two double-sided tape strips (1/4'') down the long sides adhering it to the board. The plastic frame can also separate from the metal shell, which contacts about 2/3 of the length, with punch outs to trap nubs on the plastic. The screen also ships with a plastic film over it.
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