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STM32F417IGT6,What is the origin of this parts? We mainly want to know whether it has only one origin in Taiwan? It is said that he also has the origin in the Philippines. We want to know the exact answer. Thank you.

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This is a user forum. Although ST employees occasionally chip in, I think you will not get a definitive answer here. You might get an answer from an ST agent.

Please could you explain why you want the “exact�? answer. For many people it’s sufficient to know a chip is genuine and so they can be confident it will work.

Having said all that, it is possible to argue that a silicon chip has more than one origin. It is normal to make use of international trade and do things where they are cheapest. Taiwan is where many of the world’s silicon chips are made. But it’s possible that only the chip itself is made there, then shipped as wafers of hundreds of chips to The Phillipines (or wherever) to be cut up and put into their black plastic packages. And somewhere along the line each chip has to be tested, calibrated and have its unique serial-number programmed.

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i want to know this too and would really like a more definitive answer.


for instance if it says "PHL" instead of "CN" in the bottom left and we buy from a reliable distributor it would be cool if it were fair to say it only came from the Philippines or only came from china.