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We did not find any relevant information in the datasheets.
What is the difference between parts “STM32F429ZGT6�? and "STM32F429ZGT6TR"? W found from the datasheets,"*** = programmed parts,TR=tape and reel" .We think,“programmed parts�?should not be the same as "tape and reel".So the “TR�? really means?Can th...
We found that they came from different manuals, but we compared the two manuals and found no differences.Please tell us the difference between parts "FDA801-VYT"and parts "FDA801B-VYT"?
STM32H753VIT6E,the last letter "E" means?We found this parts from a file,but we don't know whether this parts is real.
What is the difference between Parts L9826 and Parts E-L9826?I can't see the difference between them from the datasheets.
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