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STM32F407ZET6 Could not verify ST Device

Associate III

Hi All,


I have a setup where I bought a STM32F407ZET6 dev board from AliExpress and have been using for almost 6 years using STM32Cube IDE. It was only until i updated my IDE from 1.6 to 1.14 when it started saying that "Could not verify ST Device! Please verify that the latest version of gdb-server is used for the connection". my openocd is remotely running on Raspiberry pi where it uses the bitbanging driver to drive the GPIOs for establishing an SWD connection. 


This same question has been addressed in several other threads in the context of bluepill (

On the OpenOCD side, i am getting this error:


I tried changing the -expected-id $_CPUTAPID to different values suggested in different posts (including 0), but nothing works. Most of the forums talk about this issue in the context of Bluepill; however this is STM32F407 based board.


Can anyone please help me with this problem. I will appreciate the help. Thanks.





Unfortunately not. The ST's own tech support suggested me to use cube ide 1.6.0 since this issue seems to be weird as the chip is not counterfeit.


But, if you just use generic gdb debugging you can still do it with latest versions. 

Hi, thanks for your replay.

I'm using Version 1.6.0 now, but still facing issues.




If I change to OpenOCD I can debug - but not with GDB server.
Is this a different issue?



Yes, this is a different issue. You need to check your gdb settings. I would suggest you to keep using OpenOCD if that works.