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STM32F401 Firmware Update via Wiznet W5500



For a project I am using a Wiznet W5500 ethernet chip with STM32F401RET6 MCU to exchange data via HTTP over ethernet with a Windows/OSX software application. The W5500 handles the ethernet communication and speaks to the STM over SPI, which all works well so far.
Additionally I would like to implement the possibility to update the MCU firmware over ethernet (via w5500) from my application.
It seems that this should be generally possible, but I can't find a lot of information how to get started.
Can someone confirm that this can be done?
Is there any example code for this particular problem or can someone guide me how to get started with this ?
I assume I would need to send the binary and write it into the flash somehow?


Associate III

Of course it is possible. As long as you have internet connection, you can use any application specific protocol (HTTP, FTP, MQTT) to send your MCU fouta files to MCU. 

This is solely application specific. Once your MCU has file, you can either use DUAL boot mechanism (see ST bootloader application note, I don't have link) or create your own tiny bootloader which decides which image to load on boot up.