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STM32F4 and alternatives

Associate III

Hello everyone ;

Please if someone from ST could confirm :

We have a shortage of stm32f429 and the given lead time is about 80 weeks ; so our production will be stopped for 1 year; to solve this we decided to revise the design of the board and choose an alternative MCU without shortage with lead time maximum 40 weeks . Firstly we prefer to find alternatives from ST , because the migration of the software would be eaiser for us . We have called the local ST in Turkey ; they informed us only G series would have a lead time of 40 weeks ; but G series dont fill our need because we need to drive TFT screen , My qıuestion : anyone from sT confirm this please , is there any other series with maximum 40 weeks leadtime rather than G series? Becauee that really important to us for the next step.

Thank you in advanced

Uwe Bonnes
Principal II

At the moment, findchips shows Avnet with F429 availability.


Maybe consider dual footprint?

NO. abnet dont have and the lead time is not fix and i need 12k.

what do you mean ?

Presumably something that will take LQFP 64, 100, 144, 176 parts, russian nesting doll fashion depending on what you can actually source.

TBH we've used 144-pin designs that map well across multiple generations of STM32 parts, with some accommodations for a handful of pins at the BOM level.

Or a board with a simple carrier assembly to provide more flexibility.

It's not clear that all 52-weeks of pending deliveries have a final destination, and some might be speculative/arbitrage purchases. Like oil-futures, but without the storage issues..

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we stucked :)) . I think we should move to other MCU ; still no any reply from ST . I dont know .. should I write to microchip asking about sT 🙂 ?

Of course you can write to Microchip and ask about their ARM Cortex MCUs. Maxim and many others make Cortex MCUs as well. You are welcome to research.

Not sure what you're looking for them to tell you? Pretty much any fab doing this has an order queue pushing out 40 or 50 weeks or more​.

I'​d look for the part with the smallest die on the largest wafer. So probably not ones with MBs of FLASH/SRAM.

Once you commit to another MCU get it in the stockroom as you start, not after you finish the design/development phase.​

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Georgy Moshkin
Senior II

TFT screen may be driven in software using GPIO+DMA, have you considered that? To widen your choice, I recommend to research this option. Emulation may be nicely wrapped in code to maintain backward compatibility for previous MCU series. As an example, thanks to chip shortage I had a project where F4 series was replaced by F1 that was available in a clients warehouse. Just replaced all FPU stuff with fixed point based on 16 and 32 bit integers.