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I am using STM32f205vet6 in that there is no availability of sub seconds Iam using rtc based timer and also I have code for stm32g0 series for that when I try to migrate the stm32 G0 code to F2 series error are happening I a way to migrate the same code to F2 series without that sub seconds



There's no magical conversion process. To port code, you copy it over and work through the various errors, if any. General C code will work the same, but peripherals may change a bit between the two.

Perhaps show your code along with the errors and issues you're encountering.

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If something is not available you're going to have to re-evaluate what it is you actually need, and how that can be achieved in different way. If the RTC isn't exposing the sub-second counts, you'll need to find a different way to wake-up or account for elapsed time. The F2 has several TIM that can be used for timing, or measuring time.

You don't explain what you're specific need / goal is, not the resolution of time you're trying to capture.


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