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Associate II

STM32C031 is simulated in KEIL, but only a few breakpoints can be added during the running process, and the level is also level0.

How to locate this kind of problem,Thank you very much for your help!

ST Employee

Hi @Kevin.YIN ,

You can use the hardware breakpoints and the software breakpoints using the BKPT instruction.

For more information I advise you to refer to Cortex-M0+ Technical Reference Manual r0p1.


I hope this help you.

Thank you.


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Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Note that Keil is an independent 3rd party - nothing to do with ST.

For specific support with the Keil tools, they have their own forum: 


If you can't walk your own code in your head, you've already kind of failed at the programming task.

You could put a break-point in a function, and call that periodically.

You could also instrument your code, so it prints out and reports salient detail about what's happening, or the decisions made, or content of key variables, etc.

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