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STM32 Firmware Compatible Suffixes


Which suffixes can share the same elf file or bootloaded app binary?

- Likely Temperature range has no effect on firmware load?

- Will changing only the package type affect firmware load? (LQFP, BGA, CSP ...)

- Will changing only the number of pins affect firmware load? (64, 100, 132...)

(assuming keep same function on matching port pin of new package).

- Will change in memory size affect firmware load, or is there a way to retain compatibility?

(This is only needed for bootloaded code, option bytes won't change)

======== Details ========

For elf file and/or bootloaded apps are any other parts compatible with:

- STM32L4A6VGT6 (Has features needed by most remotes)

maybe some firmware load compatibility:

RGT6=1MB/320KB, 85'C, LQFP64,

VGT6=1MB/320KB, 85'C, LQFP100

VGY6=1MB/320KB, 85'C, WLCSP100

QGI6=1MB/320KB, 85'C, UFBGA132

ZGT6=1MB/320KB, 85'C, LQFP144

AGI6=1MB/320KB, 85'C, UFBGA169

- STM32H743BIT6 (Chosen as STM with most ADC channels)

maybe some firmware load compatibility:

VIT6 =2MB/1MB, 85'C, LQFP100

VIH6=2MB/1MB, 85'C, TFBGA100

ZIT6=2MB/1MB, 85'C, LQFP144

AII6=2MB/1MB, 85'C, UFBGA169

IIT6=2MB/1MB, 85'C, LQFP176

BIT6=2MB/1MB, 85'C, LQFP208

?IK6=2MB/1MB, 85'C, UFBGA176+25

?IH6=2MB/1MB, 85'C, TFBGA240+25

Purpose is a network of remote modules

- Firmware update by RS485 custom bootloader from SD card or USB stick at central location.

- hopefully sharing as few firmware loads as possible across different but compatible PCBs.

- most remotes cost&size minimized where reasonable.

- some remotes needing more features and thus more pins and memory (ADCs, LCD...).



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