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SMB Alert on STM32F746NGH6TR

Benedikt Schmidt
Associate II


I'm trying to use a SMB alert on a STM32F746NGH6TR. Interestingly, the corresponding interrupt is not getting triggered. I already figured out that the interrupt works if I put the signal on PA9, but it doesn't work on PH9. I already checked for both configurations the GPIO port mode and configuration registers (mode: alternate, configuration: AF4).

Considering I can trigger the interrupt when I use a different pin I'm very certain that the I2C configuration should be correct. But regarding the GPIO configuration I'm running out of possible errors on my side, at least I cannot think of anything else. Does anybody have a clue what might be the cause?

As a side not, I also checked the signal quality itself. The edge is shorter than 12ns, probably fast enough for this purpose.

Benedikt Schmidt