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RGB565 and RGB888 pixel format.

Associate III


I am using STM32H7B3LIH MCU and Newhaven "NHD-4.3-800480CF-ASXP" TFT. I completed all the configuration according to the instructions in AN4861. I am trying to show an 800x480 image on the screen using framebuffer. I use "LCD image converter" to convert the image file to hex. However, if I choose the pixel format RGB888, I cannot create a proper image on the screen.

Ekran görüntüsü 2024-05-29 092152.pngEkran görüntüsü 2024-05-29 092224.pngWhatsApp Görsel 2024-05-29 saat 10.12.57_6a542e67.jpg

But if I change the pixel format to RGB565 and create the image hex file according to this format, it works.

2024-05-29 09.15.22.jpg

Why can't I create a decent image on the screen when I choose the RGB888 format? Could there be a problem with the image hex data? Or am I missing something else (CubeMX configuration, PCB etc.)?