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RAMECC interrupt enable register (RAMECC_IER)

Associate II

I am trying to test code which has been written to deal with RAMECC errors. The MPU is STM32H753 and I am working on a Nucleo-H753ZI board.

The first problem was how to simulate a RAMECC error. I found the code at and I was able to copy the relevant code over to a new project and get it working.

However, I find that the sample code appears to disable all interrupts in RAMECC_IER at memory address 0x52009000 and never turns them back on. In spite of this interrupts do happen and produce sensible numbers in the status registers. However, I find that if interrupts are enabled in RAMECC_IER (specifically if bits 0, 1 or 2 are set) then while interrupts do still occur no sensible numbers are returned in the status registers.

RAMECC_IER set to zero, sensible numbers returned in status registers


RAMECC_IER set to F (all interrupts enabled), status registers are all zeros


What is going on here? Is the documentation wrong?

Lead II

Hello @KevinG 

I think that the AN5342 may help you. 

Best regards.


Sorry but no it doesn't.

ST Employee

Hello @KevinG ,

I will check internally and get back to you.


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