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STM32F769I Disc:Is the function of stm32f769i dico's QSPI DDR normal?When I used the ddr mode, I could send data using 1line, but when I used 4line, the device was busy until the timeout error occurred, and the data could not be sent normally.However, when configured in sdr mode, data can be sent normally.


Tend to have to watch the bandwidth of the memory and the dummy cycle setting so the read buffers can pre-load

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I simply send the data, do not consider reading, with 4line ddr can not be sent。

ST Employee

Hello @shanxing and welcome to the community 🙂,

Please make sure that SSHIFT should be set to QSPI_SAMPLE_SHIFTING_NONE instead of QSPI_SAMPLE_SHIFTING_HALFCYCLE

Is the Timeout counter enable?

Could you please share your project?

Thank you.


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Hello KDJEM.1:

  First, I had set SSHIFT to QSPI_SAMPLE_SHIFTING_NONE  already.

  Second,the timeout error is from QSPI HAL Lirary function "HAL_QSPI_Transmit(hqspi, pData, HAL_QPSI_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT_VALUE)", because of the device flag of BUSY is still setting even after sending all data,so occurring timeout error.

  However,as long as the ddr mode is disabled(sCommand.DdrMode = QSPI_DDR_MODE_DISABLE),the above error will not occur.