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Problems with web server demo

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 12:30

I have a STM32F107VC development kit (STM32F107VC-SK) and I'm trying to get the uIP + webserver example working. I have made some modifications to the code regarding the PHY, as in the example code the PHY is different from what I have. These were minor modifications and I can now successfully read and write to the PHY registers. What I am having trouble with is that the board does not seem to receive any ethernet packets, or at least it does not forward them to the uIP stack. I monitor the ethernet interface from my laptop using wireshark, and I can see ARP-requests going out trying to figure out who has (the web server default IP address). There are no replies however, and if I examine the status of the ethernet DMA register it says that it sits idle waiting for a frame to come in. To see if sending works, I tried to send out some junk bytes using uip_send(), and I managed to get ARP-requests out of the development kit. So it seems that for some reason, sending works but reception doesn't. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Update: If I activate the loopback mode for the MAC, I receive my own ARP-requests.