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OT On the website (not this forum, but the "main" ST site) degradation

Do you know of ? No? I though so.

It can't be found in the list of "Groups" in the menu here; and it appears that ST removed "website feedback" from pages (or I can't find it) which used to point to that "group".

So, there's no place where users can complain on the state of, anymore.

I mean, it's only partially OT here. The record turnover/profit is temporary, bad times will follow as usually. If visitors of are deterred by its dismal state, they will look for parts elsewere (and they do, for other reasons, too, but that's for another topic). If ST as a whole fails, there will be no STM32 to discuss anymore.

It's probably only us, the real end users, who really understand why as it is now is bad. And, neglected, it will get worse.



But Jan, the website is pretty, and all the colours and themes are clean and consistent across the entire site.

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