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LTDC MIPI-DSI Configuration using stm32H747 and ST7701S

Associate II

Hi STM community, I have interfaced an st7701s driver IC-based display with stm32h747 chip using MIPI DSI in RGB565 mode and using only the internal SRAM(512KB) of stm32 as the frame buffer(2*480*480 Bytes) but the display framebuffer looks like starting from the middle of the screen. In the video, a while loop is executing only updating the frame buffer with the same color after 1 second. What could be the problem, I have tried multiple configurations of LTDC and DSI timings and layer configurations. And also the starting few hundred pixels from frame buffer is not displayed.

ST Employee

Hello @anonymous_stm ,

I think that the issue is related to the LTDC configuration. For that, I advise to check your configuration by referring to AN4861 precisely 6 LTDC application examples section and the ST7701S datasheet.

I hope this help you!


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Hello, has your problem been solved?

I am also using the same series ST7703 driver. I am trying to operate the display with the 480x1280 2 LANE MIPI DSI interface, but I have not been successful yet. Is there an example project for ST7701 or ST7703 that you can recommend me?