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IWDG on STM32f3

Associate II
Posted on July 10, 2013 at 10:34

Dear all,

I'm currently developping under stm32f3 discovery and I'm experiencing difficulties with the IWDG.

In a first version of my software, I've been using the std peripheral library to set up the IWDG with the following code :

    uint16_t reload = 0x0FFF;


    IWDG_WriteAccessCmd (IWDG_WriteAccess_Enable);

    IWDG_SetPrescaler        (IWDG_Prescaler_256);

    IWDG_SetReload             (reload);

    while(IWDG_GetFlagStatus (IWDG_FLAG_PVU || IWDG_FLAG_RVU || IWDG_FLAG_WVU) == RESET);        



And I simply use the following command to reload it : IWDG_ReloadCounter();

This works fine but, now if I comment the part of my code related to the IWDG and reflash the memory and hard reset the thing, The watchdog remain activated and keep on reseting...

My questions are:

Why does the IWDG keeps on running whereas I just don't use it anymore in my code ?

Is there a way to shut it down ?

Thanks for your help.

Posted on July 10, 2013 at 13:20

I'd suspect something else is going on, either you haven't removed/erased the code you think you have, or it's resetting for some other reason.

Output some other marker to indicate that the correct firmware is loaded, do a full erase of the part.
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