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Issue with STLINKV3 debugger disconnecting during EV charger operation

Associate II

Dear Community Support,


Recently, our team acquired an STLINKV3 debugger (MB1440 + MB1441) with the isolation PCB (MB1599) for debugging purposes in our STM32G4 controller-based application, specifically an EV charger.


However, we have encountered a critical issue where the debugger disconnects from STM32CubeIDE when the EV charger PCB reaches input 200Vac during operation.


Our goal in reaching out to the community is to seek guidance or insights from anyone who has encountered a similar issue or who can provide expert advice on debugging with the STLINKV3 under such conditions.


Any assistance or recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated. If further details or logs are necessary to diagnose the issue, please let us know, and we will gladly provide them. 

@STTwo-32 @SofLit