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IBIS model STM32F765 no output


Hi, I have problem to generate correct output waveforms with Altium SI tool using the IBIS model  stm32f765_767_777_lqfp144.ibs. 

I'm trying to generate a clock output signal in PB3 configured as SPI1, no pulls, fast speed or high speed but the result will only be noise. I'm not sure which output model to use, there are a lot of different to select among. Think I have tried all possible models but the result will just be noise.

Example using output model io8p10_arsudq_ft_tp_out.mac:



Some of the models will generate output, but are with wrong voltage levels and are not correct one to use in my setup. Example output model  io8usb_fs_otg_ft_dpdn_pupu2_st_out.mac:


I would appreciate any help with this issue to come further.



ST Employee

Dear @Regin_EDA ,

Here is our application Note on how to use the provided IBIS models for our I/Os , there inside an example for STM32F7 MCU and high speed signals. However we are using market and industry standard tool which is Hyperlynx , I never used the Altium plugin for such usage yet .

Hole it helps you.



Hi STOne-32,


Yes, I have looked in the AN4803 already, it is missing much information about how to interpret the different output models.

It also gives no answer for why I don't get a correct output. Can you please confirm that the IBIS model works with Hyperlynx at your side?

Found other users that seems to have the same problem related to your IBIS model and Altium 24 SI tool:

STM32747IGT6 IBIS Model Issues - STMicroelectronics Community


Br, Regin_EDA

Hi @Regin_EDA ,

Yes, it is working fine with Hyperlynx and used widely by our customers. However only 2 cases spotted this incompatibility with Altium plug-in may be not able to read the current version of IBIS we need to check once we get that plugin . thanks for the understanding.