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IAP standard interface protocol from ST

Posted on July 03, 2013 at 22:30

Hello, I wonder if there is any predefined protocol for In Application Programming of the application from ST available.

I am looking something similar that does avrdude AVR109 for AVR controllers. I would like to start a preloader before starting the application. That one should test on serial ports if on PC a IAP host is started and if so then update the application in the flash of stm32.

Any hints welcome, Adib.


Posted on July 03, 2013 at 23:33

Most of the parts, you don't specify which, have IAP example code and app notes. These IAP examples typically use something closely resembling YModem (1K + CRC). Plenty of Terminal apps support it, also pretty simple to do from scratch.

There are some IAP demos with Ethernet. I personally use HTTP over a TCP/IP wireless link.

For ISP the STM32 parts have a System Loader mode (BOOT0=High), and can use USART, USB(DFU) and CAN. Again app notes for these under the ''Design Resources'' of most of the parts. The PC based application is known as ''STM8 / STM32 Flash Demonstrator'', and has a command line and GUI version, with source. The protocol is well described, and can be implemented in another micro controller.

Open source variants for the ISP and DFU/DfuSe update tools are also a search away.

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