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how to store display framebuffer in an external SRAM(S61WV102416BLL)

Associate II

i use LCD-TFT display in microcontroller STM32H757.

i need to store framebuffer data in extern sram(S61WV102416BLL)

i use stm32H757i_evk board. 

i download example code, all example code use External sdram(IS42S32800J) to store framebuffer.

i not use External sdram(IS42S32800J).

give me any example code that use extern sram(S61WV102416BLL) to store frame buffer.

otherwise you give what change required for  example code use External sdram(IS42S32800J).

and we can use  use extern sram(S61WV102416BLL) to store frame buffer.

please help me.

ST Employee

Hello @khodifadlalit and welcome to ST Community ,

If you want an example using S61WV102416BLL you can start from the example provided in the STM32CUBEL4

for the stm32l476-eval(STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.18.0\Projects\STM32L476G-EVAL\Examples\FMC\FMC_SRAM) board and port it on the stm32H757i_evk board this could be found by downloading the STM32CUBEL4 or via this Github link .


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